Vendor Information

The Randall County Purchasing Department extends a warm welcome and appreciates you making this department the first point of contact when presenting your products to Randall County. Because of the nature of your product, it may be desirable to put you in contact with the departments that use or may use such materials, products, or services. Many of these departments are spread throughout the County, so your initial contact with us is truly important.

About the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is part of the administrative service team of Randall County. The primary function of the Purchasing Agent is to purchase goods and services at the lowest price; taking into consideration the prevailing economic conditions and user requirements, consistent with appropriate quality standards and methods to ensure openness, fairness and integrity concerning the vendor and the community at large.


Bidding is the process by which competitive pricing is obtained. Bids may be solicited via telephone, facsimile machine, email, informal written quotations, sealed bids or proposals. Policy and Procedures established by the Purchasing Agent and approved by the Commissioner's Court state which process is utilized. All expenditures in excess of statutory limits must be handled by the formal sealed bid or proposal process in accordance with the State of Texas Purchasing Act.

Purchasing Functions

Other Purchasing functions include Contract Administration and Inventory Management.

Contract Administration

The Purchasing Agent is the administrator of all county contracts except those involving real property; construction or construction related engineering services. As such, contractual agreements originate in this office and when applicable, are coordinated with the District Attorney's office prior to being presented to Commissioner's Court. Purchase orders are issued which authorize actions to be taken under the approved, contractual agreement. All changes to a contract must be processed through this office and have Commissioner's Court approval.


An accounting of all personal property items are maintained by this office. All transfers in or out of county departments must be made by this office.

Sale of Surplus

This office is responsible for the sale of surplus or salvage items by public auction or sealed bid.