Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

Rules 500 to 510 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure were adopted in the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature, and as of August 31, 2013, govern the Justice of the Peace Courts in the State of Texas.

These Rules can be found at the Supreme Court website. There is also a copy held in the office for your use. Copies of these rules will be made at the office. 

Forms & Instructions

The forms and instruction provided can be printed from this website for your use or can be acquired at the office.

All cases filed in the Justice Court are now filed as Civil cases. Civil is divided into four categories: Small Claims, Debt Claims, Eviction and Repair and Remedy. The Plaintiff must file with the Petition a Case Information Sheet, which is found below. Using this form, the Plaintiff must also file an Affidavit of Military Status of Defendant(s), which has also been provided. In addition to the form, the Plaintiff must provide proof of their claims regarding this form.


Fees are as follows:

  • The filing fee for all Civil cases is now $54.00 effective January 1, 2022. 
  • The Plaintiff must also pay for the service of the petition on the Defendant. In Randall and Potter Counties, this amount is $100.00 per Defendant.
  • The Plaintiff must provide for the clerk the original of the Petition to be filed page.
    *Citations $100.00
    *Eviction Citations $100.00 
    *Writ OF Possession $200.00
    *Writ of RE-Entry $200.00
    *Writ of Sequestration $200.00