Jury Information

If you, a family member, or a friend receive a phone call from anyone claiming to be a representative of Randall County and discussing that you failed to appear for jury service, THIS IS A SCAM.

DO NOT give them any money or personal information. Hang up on them. If you failed to appear for jury service, contact our office. NEVER give money, accounts, or any information, no matter how serious the threat may appear to be. Hang up on them and call our office. We will never attempt to collect money for anything related to jury service in Randall County. Our office phone number is (806) 468-5600. 

This office has received several calls about people missing jury service and someone claiming that we are attempting to make them pay a fine for failing to appear for jury service. We absolutely do not do this. It is a scam.

 Joel Forbis

Randall County District Clerk

If you have been summoned for the Grand Jury you are not permitted to reschedule. If you have any questions please call 806.468.5600.